Are you behind on payments? Have you been wishing for a fresh start? Could you use a few thousand dollars in relocation assistance money? Then a short sale is the solution for you!

What is a short sale? Simply put, a short sale is when you negotiate with the mortgage holder or bank to accept less than they currently owe as payment in full.

When a bank gives out a loan, they’re expecting monthly, interest bearing payments in return. If they aren’t getting payments on a particular property, they begin the foreclosure process. Requiring expensive lawyers, courts, judges and time. In order to avoid all those headaches, banks may accept less than is owed in order to rid themselves of troublesome mortgages. Many times lenders even offer homeowners relocation assistance money.

Why is a short sale the right option? First and foremost it can stop the foreclosure process. If you are in danger of foreclosure, a short sale may be your only way out. Negotiating a short sale with the bank can allow you to move on and breathe easy. In addition to stopping foreclosure and allowing for a fresh start, short sales can also help your credit. This makes buying or renting your next home much easier.

Why should you work with Redo New England? Working with us ensures the process is simple, quick, and effortless. A lot of homeowners are in tough positions and don’t know where to start. Sitting down with us is the first step. We’ll work with you every step of the way; from negotiating with the mortgage holder or bank on price and possibly waiving the deficiency judgement (When the house is sold for less than is owed and and you are billed by the bank for the remaining balance) to helping you move out and relocate, as well as everything in between. We’re here to work with you to get a favorable outcome. Contact us today for a free in home consultation to discuss your options and see if a short sale is right for you!

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