Redo New England Properties, LLC is New England’s premier property buyer and full service real estate solutions company founded by two brothers, Jordan and Ian Denelle. Born in Boston and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, their love for the area started early and only grew stronger with time. Growing up the boys attended Brockton school’s and were active in the community they loved, forming friendships with the patrons in the area they would one day be able to help.

redo-new-england-properties-jordan-ian-denelleAs young boys the Brothers would go on “adventures” with their grandfather, typically including long drives around their beloved hometown and surrounding area while looking for his next real estate project. As a result, their passion for real estate and keen eye for identifying problems developed at an early age.

After graduating from Brockton High School they both took similar paths, each went on to pursue obtaining business degrees but quickly realized a traditional college education was not right for either of them. Instead, they decided gaining real-world experience through pursuing careers would be best.

Amongst the two of them they have nearly a decade of experience at various levels and institutions within the banking industry. In addition to  their years of banking, they chose to continue strengthening their customer service and communication skills by procuring sales positions. Excelling at both but never truly satisfied with either, it was quite certain that one day they would find the field where they would both make their mark.

As they grew older, their personalities, experience, and skills grew with them. But, they couldn’t shake their passion for real estate and helping solve problems for people in their community. Eventually the people around them, much like the rest of the country, began to fall on tough times. As the brothers watched their beloved community become filled with countless abandoned properties and homeowners who thought there were no answers to their problems, they saw their opportunity to help!

In 2014 Redo New England Properties, LLC (REDO-NE Properties) was born with the intention of being the area’s premier property buyers and full service real estate solutions company. Through their extensive knowledge of the business, network of resources, and years of expertise, they are able to assist homeowners and active buyers with a wide variety of real estate problems. REDO-NE Properties is truly dedicated to improving each community they work in and helping every homeowner possible, with the utmost respect to  their specific situation.

A choice to work with, Redo New England Properties, is a choice well-made and we look forward to the opportunity to prove it!