It’s no secret that for the most part there has been a clear divide between real estate agents and real estate investors for quite some time. On one hand, a lot of investors look at agents as unnecessary expenses that they’d do just about anything to avoid spending. On the other, most agents see investors as time wasters and unserious buyers who only want to buy the house if it’s cheap, leaving nothing for the agent to make money off of.

At Redo New England Properties, LLC we see real value in working with real estate agents. We believe this is one of the things that sets us apart from other investors. Instead of looking at a real estate agent and seeing commission checks we’ll have to pay; we see future inventory and more satisfied families!

The best real estate investors work closely with the best real estate agents and vice versa. Successful real estate professionals see the immense value in building relationships with other successful real estate professionals. Both parties can offer invaluable services to the other while saving on that one commodity we all can’t get enough of, time.

What’s in it for real Estate Agents?

How we help you:

  • We are willing to purchase any distressed or traditional property
  • We buy homes in any condition and any situation. From complete tear downs to light cosmetic rehabs.
  • We buy in all price points (as long as there’s value to make the deal work for all sides)
  • We buy condos, town homes, multi-family, and single-family homes.
  • We specialize in short sale approval assistance for agents

Pocket Listings:

As a successful real estate solutions company, we always have an inventory of available homes for you to view with your buyers. This allows agents in our network the ability to see listings before they ever hit the MLS, giving them a leg up on other agents in the area on newly renovated homes and other listings.

In some cases, agents in our network may also be able to have their clients choose custom fixtures and finishes on the home before the construction is completed. Providing this option to clients is something that can completely differentiate you from other real estate agents.

If a seller contacts you with an outdated or distressed property you’re worried will sit on the market for a while, we’d love to see it first! We make cash offers on any home, in any situation, in any condition within 48 hours.

Opportunity to Host Open Houses

Real Estate agents are always looking for the next prospect to buy or sell a home. What if you could host open houses multiple times a month and have access to all the buyers walking through the door who aren’t already working with someone? That’s what we offer to the agents in our network. We are constantly buying and selling homes. While we do a lot of our own open houses, it would be impossible for us to do them all. The agents in our network get the calls when we need someone to host, giving them access to everyone who comes in – directly impacting that agent’s bottom line in a positive way.

Short Sale and Listing Referrals

Marketing is a very big part for any successful real estate company. We get a lot of deals coming in. Many of our leads we funnel to our network of agents, creating huge opportunities for agents to become listing specialist.

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