About Redo New England Properties
REDO-NE Properties is New England’s premier property buyer and full service real estate solutions company. We work with homeowners, buyers, sellers, agents, contractors, and investors to create an enjoyable experience while revitalizing local communities and encouraging home ownership in the area. Whether buying or selling a home; or looking for investment opportunities, we can help you realize your real estate goals!
Our Promise
At Redo New England Properties, it is our goal to solve your real estate problems quickly and stress free! No matter how simple or complex you may think your issue is, we have a solution for you. It is our promise to you that in every interaction with us you will be met with professionals who are reliable, ethical, determined, and orderly.
Team Builder
Having a solid team is invaluable to our business. We’ve put together a dream team to help us, help you!
We prefer working with private lenders to fund our acquistions versus traditional bank funding. This allows us to help families all around the area in unique ways that many others cannot. Utilizing cash funds gives us the ability to close on a flexible timeline (usually in as little as 14 days) as well as operate without any bank lending restrictions. We pay a premium to our private lenders, many times more than traditional deposit accounts. The added interest expense is worth paying in order to ensure we can close quickly and maneuver unrestricted.
Do you want your money to work harder for you, without you working harder for it?

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Make up to $1,000!

Do you know someone that is looking to sell their property?

If so, we will pay you up to a $1,000 finder’s fee for any referral that leads to sale. Contact us with seller's name , phone number or property address and we will do the rest. These properties can be single family homes, town houses, commercial or vacant land, near foreclosure or need a lot of work